Sooners for Christ

Mission Trips

Ahhhh, spring break. A time to kick back, relax, and go on an epic week-long service bender. That’s right, we spend each Spring in some needy locale specifically to glorify God by serving the poor and needy, you know the same people Jesus served. Sounds crazy, stressful, and the exact opposite of what you need in the middle of your semester? You couldn’t be more wrong. It’s a blast. Whether its a massive road trip or a jaunt in a plane to Honduras the fun never stops and the good feeling in your soul will last the rest of the semester. The past two years we have served in Denver and the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee. Come with us and find out how liberating it is to stop worrying about yourself and start working for others.

Spring 2011 CSM Denver


Spring 2012 Adventures in Missions Appalachia